The Implications of GDPR for Charities & Nonprofits

Background to GDPR

GDPR is game-changing legislation, which will have a far-reaching impact on how personal data is acquired, stored and managed. In order to ensure our compliance, and that of our software platform, we are collaborating with and boutique consultancy Citizen Heart who are working directly with the acknowledged legal authority on GDPR, Dean Armstrong QC. Dean is the author of the legal textbook “Cyber Security, Law and Practice”

The Next Event

We are currently collating feedback from all the charities who attended. Our next event will build on this and dive deeper into many of the issues that were raised on the day.

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The Last GDPR Event

This is an area of particular interest to the whole fundraising community, In combination with The Institute of ran a networking event at The Century Club on 23rd March 2017.

The format of the event was unique. It was held under Chatham House rules and generated and amazing respons from over 80 major charities who attended.

In Dean's words "lawyers can sometimes appear frightened to advise what organisations can and should do, and instead focus on what they should not do." The aim of the session was to provide constructive analysis of the scope and powers of GDPR, whilst offering practical guidance on how to take the first important steps towards compliance.


  • Dean Armstrong QC
  • Daniel Fluskey - Head of Policy, IOF
  • Linda Minnis, CEO of Charities Trust

Next Event: Tell Me More

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